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Paradigm Shift 4ZZZ fm 102.1 11 Jan 2019, Friday at Noon.
On Thursday 10 Jan 2019 Nicholas Maduro was inaugurated as Venezuela’s President after closely fought elections with much violence on the streets. Leaders from Cuba, Bolivia and Georgia attended the swearing-in ceremony.

Ian talks with Eulalia Reyes de Whitney who is the convenor of the Australia-Venezuela Solidarity Network.

Eulalia has recently returned from her native country after an extended visit of 5 months. During her stay, Eulalia participated as an international observer in Venezuelan Presidential and regional elections. Eulalia presents eye-witness accounts of the situation in Venezuela today. She speaks of the resilience of its people facing a political crisis and U.S. economic embargoes on that country.

Despite the crisis in Venezuela, there is near silence in the mainstream media in Australia about the 2018 elections and, what coverage there is, aligns itself with reports from the Organisation of American states.

Typical coverage of Venezuelan crisis by Murdoch Press in Australia.

Eulalia Reyes is keen to invite people in Brisbane to discuss ways of solidarity with the Venezuelan Bolivarian Revolution.

Eulalia made an open invitation to people to come to the Australia-Venezuela Solidarity Network at 1pm on Saturday 2 Feb 2019 at the Peace Centre in 102 McDonald Road Windsor. The meeting will discuss solidarity activities in 2019.

Jumping Fences – Satellites
Harpes du Venezuela – El Pararillo
Ali Primera – Sangueo para el regreso


1.4 Sq Km

The story of Fortitude Valley in Brisbane presented by Shona from Paradigm Shift (4ZZZ fm 102.1 Fridays at Noon). A one-hour radio documentary that explores the rapid change to Brisbane’s Fortitude Valley – whether you call it development, gentrification or simply poor people being pushed out.

The Brisbane Women’s Community Radio Training Project was organised to help balance gender bias in Community Radio, and to empower women who may not be able to access community radio training and volunteering by usual pathways.

The project was run by Kim Stewart, Maddie Watt, Lucy Czerwinski and Elena Black.

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War of two Worlds

Who said all is lost, I come to offer my heart –Fito Páez

12pm Fri 28 Dec 2018: War of two worlds. 

War of Two Worlds” is about similarity between indigenous struggles in Chile, West Papua and Australia. This Paradigm Shift was about colonized people (mainly Mapuche & West Papuan) and their resistance, at least that is my aim. I mention in my introduction that I prepared the show because of recent (and ongoing) extra-judicial killings of Mapuche activists in the South of Chile. I make no mention of Palestine but Sam Watson did mention it at the rally for the Mapuche on 1 Dec 2018. Of course where do we begin in a topic as big as colonisation? Vietnam? Algeria? The Great Plains of North America? The list is very long.

Whether my coverage of the response to the killings in Chile & West Papua is adequate, others can judge. We live in this time and this place, with all our limitations.

I include a tribute to an aboriginal brother, Robert Wharton, who died prematurely at the age of 39. 

The show includes an interview by Andy with Danny (from West Papua) who tells of his amazing escape from death at the hands of the Indonesian military. Danny was an eyewitness of the Biak massacre in 1998 and one of 43 West Papuan asylum seekers, gives his account of a dramatic canoe journey to seek asylum in Australia in 2006

The show has many other voices as well: Marcella (Chile Solidarity), Lili (chaired rally in solidarity with Mapuche people of Chile in Brisbane on 1 Dec 2018) , Pablo on horn (Mapuche), Kristy-Lee (Warriors of Aboriginal Resistance, Brisbane Aboriginal Sovereign Embassy & founder of ‘Voices of the 3%’ ) Sam Watson (Socialist Alternative) and Robert Wharton an aboriginal artist who died just a few weeks ago.

On 1 December 2018 in Brisbane activists, musicians and supporters conducted a solidarity action for first nations people of Chile, West Papua and Australia, protesting the assassination of Camilo Catrillanca by Chilean Jungle Commandoes on 14 November 2018.

Lili gives history of Mapuche struggle. Photo – Lachlan Hurse.

Lili Sanchez introduced the rally and condemned the extrajudicial killings of Mapuche leaders.  For example young Mapuche activist, Camilo Catrillanca, was shot multiple times on 14 November 2018, surrounded by Carabineros de Chile and passed away without medical assistance.

Pablo plays Mapuche horn Photo – Lachlan Hurse.

War between two different world views
Lilli gave a brief history of the Mapuche 500 year resistance struggle. Mapuche are indigenous people from Chile on both sides of the Andes. In the 1970s the progressive Allende government set aside land for the Mapuche. The Pinochet dictatorship gave the land to wealthy landholders

I’m here to offer my heart
Lilli introduces Jumping Fences and Sue Monk describes how important music is in this and other struggles.

Unconquered Mapuche – visit to Mapuche country
Gamillaray woman, Kristy Lee, describes her visit to Mapuche land and the repression of the state that she visited first hand.  Very difficult for Mapuche to sell what they grow. Assassinations in Mapuche autonomous territory are being carried out by the Jungle squad. Mapuche remain unconquered and Kristy Lee proud to stand alongside another first nations people. Kristy-Lee attended many Mapuche ceremonies preserving their culture.

Mapuche sell their agriculture in a large city in the south but have to pay higher tax in the market.

Kristy Lee offers solidarity to Mapuche. Photo – Lachlan Hurse.

Touch One, Touch All
At the rally Sam Watson Jnr said that the struggles of the Mauche, West Papuan, and Aboriginal and those of the Palestinians – wherever there has been colonialism – the struggle is the same. As a socialist he said we must resist (Touch one, Touch all). Symbolically Sam Watson Jr and comrades from each struggle combined all the flags (pictured).

People from each struggle agreed to come together and co-operate like this in the future. This event may herald a new era of Latin American and first nations activists in Brisbane. I certainly hope so.

Sam Watson gives solidarity to the Mapuche. Photo – Lachlan Hurse.
Support from Catholic Workers for West Papua. Photo – Lachlan Hurse.
Jumping fences sing at Mapuche & West Papuan rally, Raddacliffe Place Brisbane 1 Dec 2018. Photo – Lili Sanchez.


Robert Wharton – Never Ending War (original composition by Robert Wharton).
Joe Geia – Gurri Ngindin Narmi (traditional welcome song).
Jumping Fences – Just Go Gently (original composition by Sue Monk & Lachlan Hurse).
Jumping Fences – Ashe (all life forces on earth) (by Irina Gonzalez).
Jumping Fences – Yo Vengo a offrecer mi corazon/ I come to offer my
heart (by Fito Paez)

Ian Curr
28 Dec 2018

Featured Image – Anti-apartheid postcard

Looking after ourselves

Looking After Ourselves – December 21, 2018

On this episode of The Paradigm Shift we take a look at some of the underlying issues that can increase the stress around this time of year, and prvide some ideas and suggestions about how we can all look after ourselves and each other a little better.


Holidays, Planning, Coping, Recovering and Grief free download at

Lifeline: 13 11 14

National Domestic Violence Hotline 1800 RESPECT (1800 737 732)



Chrismas Vigil: kids off, everyone off December 21

Brisbane Beach Clean up: Sea Shepherd Decembwer 22

Summer solstice 2018. A mid summer night festival. 6-9pm at Northey Street City Farm December 22

Jane St Garden working bee and morning tea 8.30-11am 103 Jane St December 23

Anti-Poverty Nerwwork free film screening. Die Hard 6-9:30pm at Bunyapa Park Corner Thomas and Vulture Streets December 23

Story # 1: Un-material Girl. Seeking an un-material Christmas this year?

Charlotte Jones (The Amplifier – Wednesdays 3-5pm) interviews Leah Musch, known as Brisbane’s unmaterial girl. Leah is a 27-year-old Fashion school graduate, Ethical Designer and Biome Stores creator living in Brisbane Australia. Being a former fast fashion addict turned slow fashion activist, Leah is on a mission to change the way we shop, spend and style and give us more perspective into sustainable fashion industry this Christmas.

Story # 2: Buy local, spend time not money, volunteering opportunities
Danika Ehlers (Kids With Class Kicking Arse – Saturdays 10-12pm) gives us the run down on who, what, where, when, why and how to make a bit more sense of this crazy and slightly stressful time of year.

Story # 3: Lifeline
Craig Garrett interviews Lifeline’s Samantha Klempworth about what we can do to look after ourselves, and the steps we can take to look after others if we’re concerned about their wellbeing.

Story # 4: DV Services

Lucy Czerwinski highlights the issue of Domestic and Family Violence, which we all know can increase at this time of year.

Story # 5: Xmas on the inside
Shona Hawkes interviews Charlie from 4zzz’s Locked In show about what Xmas is like for prisoners and their families, and we touch on Charlie’s 19-hour show and what this means to people embroiled in Australia’s criminal justice system.


The Pogues – Fairytale of New York

Thee Stag Knights – Santa is the Man

Tim Minchin – White Win in the Sun

They Might Be Giants – Santa’s Beard

Defending Democratic Space

We we so much older then, we are younger than that now – Bob Dylan

Screen Shot 2018-12-18 at 7.39.17 am.png

Craig Shona & Ian 14 Dec 2018

Ian interviews Jeff Rickert about saving UQ Union Complex
Jack interviews David Lennon about 4ZZZ eviction from UQ

Followed by a discussion of changes faced by 4ZZZ in the future.

We commemorate 30 years since 4ZZZ were evicted from our studios at the University of Queensland’s St Lucia campus. Discussing the lead up to the 1988 eviction and the impact the fall out had on the station in the years to come.

Saving UQ Union complex. Historian Jeff Rickertt  talks about the campaign to save the UQ Union complex and what it means for the future.

UQ Union Complex 1965



The Saints – Stranded

Sabrina Lawrie – Nopiates

The Who – Wont be Fooled Again

Siena Larsson – Collateral Damage
Notes by Ian

4ZZZ Eviction

Shona, Craig and Ian on Paradigm Shift 14 Dec 2018 – 30th anniversary of 4ZZZ eviction from the University of Qld. Jack interviews 4zzz stalwart Dave Lennon and Ian interviews Historian Jeff Rickertt.

14 Dec 1988,
On this day the right wing University of Qld Student Unions attempted to evict 4ZZZ from its studios under the Refectory.

At 4.17am executive members of the UQ Student Council and four security guards served immediate eviction notice on graveyard announcers Mark Solway and Stefan Armbruster.

4ZZZ had been taken off air.

The president of the UQ Student Union, Victoria Brazil, supported by the Queensland Government were attempting to foreclose on radio 4ZZZ from its premises at the University.  Over 1,000 listeners and supporters turned up to defend the station.

Annastacia Palaszczuk speaking in support of 4ZZZ, UQ Union Complex, 1989. Photo by Michael Aird, Image courtesy State Library of Queensland

Within hours 4ZZZ announcers were making emergency broadcasts direct from Mt Cootha and later in the day the Student Union was occupied by protesting students and supporters effectively taking control of their own union and radio station.

The University stepped in and asserted ownership of the UQ Union Complex thus backing the union executive’s attempt at eviction. Students continued to occupy the station ensuring that it continued to broadcast.

Despite this, the 4ZZZ collective curiously elected to leave campus and set up the station in Toowong thus ending Zed’s affiliation with the Student Union and the University where it started in December 1975.  The station nearly folded and if it weren’t for the assistance of the Communist Party of Australia through a ‘gift’ of its building at 291 St Pauls Terrace Fortitude Valley, it surely would have. Forty-one years later 4ZZZ survives as an independent broadcaster with the slogan ‘Educate, Organise, Agitate’. Here is the report prepared by 4ZZZ at the time.

December 2018
During the darkest years of the Bjelke-Petersen government, the Union precinct was one of few places in Queensland keeping alive the flames of democracy. Like Monash University in Melbourne UQ Union was host to  vibrant anti-Vietnam War movements in the country, it served as the Queensland base of the anti-apartheid struggle, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander activists organised from there to Smash the Acts, it was a centre for the Right to March campaigns.

4ZZZ was launched there. No other site on an Australian university campus has a history more entwined with the broader political and cultural narrative of its host State.

Now we discover the University wants to tear down the entire edifice. The Schonell, the award-winning original student union building, the forum area, the relaxation block, the refectory, the old student union arcade building. All are mooted for demolition.

According to the St Lucia Campus Master Plan the entire site will be ‘reimagined’ as a student hub providing services and fast food outlets. Despite the Plan’s barrage of contemporary master-planning buzzwords, the contempt for history and the appeals to a self-serving and consumerist version of ‘progress’ and ‘improvement’ could have been lifted straight from a National Party policy book in 1988. Historian Jeff Rickertt has this to say about the proposal.

Ian interviews Jeff Rickertt

A steering committee has been formed to wage a public campaign to enliven the space again and look to alternative culture and ideas that will bring people together. Please sign the e-petition below and keep an eye on Save the UQ Union Complex facebook page.

Click this link to open the E-Petition: 

This E-Petition closes on 1/3/2019.

Thanks to Peter Gray (Radical Times) and Jeff Rickertt (Save the UQ Union Complex) for the historical material included in this article.

Listen at


The Saints – Stranded

Sabrina Lawrie – Nopiates

The Who – Wont be Fooled Again

Siena Larsson – Collateral Damage


Notes by Ian Curr
14 Dec 2018


Qld parliament E-Petition:

Vale Robert Wharton

Screen Shot 2018-12-14 at 6.49.02 pm
Robert Janjimdaimjan Wharton 1979 – 2018

Every time an aboriginal person dies years before he or she should I think that this is, in part, a result of the brutal invasion of this continent. Robert Janjimdaimjan Wharton was born in 1979 and passed away before his 40th birthday. He is a descendant of Mardigan and Kooma tribes in South-West Queensland and was a proud Brisbane Black.

Robert was a dreamer, a song man and an artist. He grew up in Cunnamulla in a big extended family. He appeared on Paradigm Shift (4ZZZ fm 102.1 Fridays at Noon) and played at a number of events organised by Sovereign Women United and local aboriginal groups. Robert always turned up at Dundali commemorations in January.

Dundali led the resistance to the British invasion of an area where Brisbane now stands. After a long campaign he was captured by the invaders and hanged in front of the Brisbane Post Office on January 5, 1855. We remember and honour this brave fighter for his land, his people and his culture each year in that place.

I can remember Robert singing at a Dundali commemoration in the rain in Post Office Square one year.

Robert leaves behind a body of music which he sang on the streets of West End. His spirit remains near the lizard on the corner Russell and Boundary streets. A couple of years ago Robert sang ‘Share the Stars’ on Paradigm Shift on 4ZZZ as a tribute to Uncle Angus and talked about the influence in his life of Angus Rabbitt and his band ‘Mop and the Dropouts‘.

Dreaming by Robert WhartonStrangely the last time Robert came on 4ZZZ with me and Andy we were remembering Angus who had passed away. We decided to play ‘Dancing Aborigine‘ a fitting farewell to both these fine aboriginal artists.

Robert came from a political family involved in Land Rights struggles over several generations. I wish to extend my condolences to the Wharton family particularly to his brother Wayne, his Auntie Pat and his niece Ruby Wharton.

We need an aboriginal cultural centre in Musgrave Park so that artists that follow will have their own place.

Vale my brother,
Ian Curr
14 Dec 2018


QUT student elections and Brutal attacks against activists in Honduras and Mexico

Paradigm Shift – 7th December 2018, Lucy, Craig & Shona

QUT’s Botched Student Election: How the Young Libs Were Kicked Out

QUT’s student union has come into disrepute after it was condemned by an independent electoral tribunal. EPIC, the party which has run the QUT Guild for the last 7 years, failed to adequate publicise the election nomination period and elected itself unopposed. After a successful Democracy 4 QUT campaign, the tribunal ordered that the elections be reopened and Reach, an opposition ticket of independents and socialist alternative members won. In this radio doco, you’ll hear from Vinnie Batten, the now president of the QUT Guild and chief organiser of the democracy for QUT campaign as well as an interview conducted by Liam Blair with former president and EPIC member, Isobella Powell.

Anniversary of Brutal Attacks Against Activists
December 2nd marked 33 months of the murder of the Lenca people defender, Berta Cáceres, at her home in La Esperanza, Intibucá department (Honduras) and the attempted murder of environmental activist Gustavo Castro, member of Otros Mundos Chiapas – Friends of the Earth Mexico.

The case went to trial after many irregularities in the investigation carried out by the Public Prosecutor´s Office, which affected the access to justice by Cáceres relatives and the organization they are part of, the Council of Popular and Indigenous Organizations of Honduras (COPINH), as well as the access to evidence and the results of the search warrants at DESA company, in charge of the Agua Zarca hydroelectric project opposed by Berta Cáceres and her people.

Despite all setbacks and the assumptions that the crime committed on March 2nd, 2016, could be left unpunished, on November 29th, 7 out of the 8 people accused of murdering Cáceres and attempting to murder Castro, were convicted.

The Buzzcocks – Everybody’s Happy Nowadays
Radio Birdman – New Race
Patti Smith – Piss Factory
Sweater Curse – Mon’s Song

First nations – a ‘war between two worlds’

Workers BushTelegraph

On 1 December 2018 in Brisbane activists, musicians and supporters conducted a solidarity action for first nations people of Chile, West Papua and Australia, protesting the assassination of Camilo Catrillanca by Chilean Jungle Commandoes on 14 November 2018.

Lili gives history of Mapuche struggle. Photo – Lachlan Hurse.

Lili Sanchez introduced the rally and condemned the extrajudicial killings of Mapuche leaders. For example young Mapuche activist, Camilo Catrillanca, was shot multiple times on 14 November 2018, surrounded by Carabineros de Chile and passed away without medical assistance.

Pablo plays Mapuche horn Photo – Lachlan Hurse.

Pablo (playing the Mapuche horn) and Lili Sanchez welcomed people from different struggles – Mapuche, West Papua, Aboriginal activists and their supporters.

War between two different world views
Lilli gave a brief history of the Mapuche 500…

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Save the UQ Union Complex

Lucy, Craig and Ian present a show in 3 parts.

1. Save the UQ Union Complex. Ian interviews Historian Jeff Rickertt.
Anyone who lived in Brisbane in the 1960s, 70s and 80s will remember the destruction of the Bellevue, Cloudland and Trades Hall. They will remember King George Square before it was turned into a concrete wasteland dominated by giant television screens. In those decades we lived in a city gripped by violence where even the smallest displays of dissent invited a beating, while all around us precious buildings were felled by the wrecking ball. Many of you will recall how police arrested and bashed scores of people in 1967 and again in 1977 when they asserted their democratic right to protest in the streets. Some of you will know about the Nazi firebombing of the People’s Bookshop in Fortitude Valley, the Vice Squad raid on Rocking Horse Records for stocking ‘obscene’ material, and the daily terrorism waged by police against the city’s Aboriginal community.

2. First Nations people struggles in Chile and West Papua. Ian interviews Marcela about the plight of the Mapuche people. Extra-jusicial killings, arrests, lack of democratic rights, higher taxes on their produce at market … genocide faced everyday.

3. Student and Teachers oppose coal. Andy interviews Sadie Jones on an Aurizion coal train.

Listen at