Activists intervene at Thales (Narrm/Melbourne)

Free West Papua!

Workers BushTelegraph

Thales – c640–546? b.c., Greek philosopher, born in Miletus.
Thales – the weapons manufacturer – is owned by the Government of France, by Dassault Aviation, and employee share ownership.

Activists occupied Thales (Australia) briefly this morning in response to occupation of West Papua by Indonesian military. Thales supplies weapons to the occupation. Here is their press release from the action in Narrm/Melbourne:

“Activists for peace, earth rights and human rights have entered Thales Australia corporate HQ in Narrm/Melbourne to demand Thales end their dealings with Kopassus. Indonesia’s special forces commandos, Kopassus, were instrumental in the invasions of East Timor and West Papua. The atrocities Kopassus has committed are enabled by arms dealers like Thales, and by Australia’s own SAS joint training programs. We showed Thales images of some of the people murdered by Indonesian forces in the past few months. Will Thales agree to stop exporting terror?…

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