Paradigm Shift is broadcast on community radio 4ZZZ FM 102.1 Fridays at noon on the lands of the Toorubul, Jagera, Ugarapul, Mununjali and Yuggera people. We pay our respects to the traditional owners of the land.

We challenge the assumptions of our current society, to resist oppression and investigate alternative ways of living for a world based on justice, solidarity and sustainability.

The Paradigm Shift has been broadcast on 4ZZZ every week since 19 Sept 2009 when it was begun by Eliza and Elham. Andy (since 2014) and Ian (since 2011) have hosted the program. There have also been a number of guest announcers in that time.

The Intro is Gurri Ngdin Narmi sung by Uncle Country Mathieson who passed away in 2012. His sister Karen Fusi gave permission for Paradigm Shift to play the song. The words mean: “Welcome to this country, people from all directions … and when you leave may our spirit go with you.”

Podcasts @ The Paradigm Shift.

Listeners should be aware Paradigm Shift engages in criticism, review, parody and satire of events around the world.

Contact: Ian on 0407 687 016

2 thoughts on “Welcome”

  1. Hello,
    Just heard you finish today’s shift. I’m on board for the spirit of things! I want to suggest an aspect of Universal Basic Income. Thanks for inspiring me to share.

    The maintaining of skills increase the Citizens Income. So a skill-pool is created, which sees constant activity. This way people get more for doing more. Lately, the Chinese government flew doctors to and fro, in response to this Flu. That’s the idea! Welding doors shut, as the CCP also did, is definitely not! I hope we can begin with r essential services during our global quarantine.

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